HCC@UF Group Monthly Meetings Schedule

Summer 2017 (sign up now! email Lisa Anthony!)

all meetings are held in CSE E301J from 12:50pm to 1:50pm (bring your lunch!)

  • Thursday May 18th: CHI 2017 Debrief — Lisa + other CHI attendees
  • Tuesday June 13th: CSCL 2017 practice talks — LearnDialogue Group (Kristy)
  • Tuesday July 11th: TBD
  • Tuesday August 8th: TBD

Spring 2017

all meetings are held in CSE 404 from 12:50pm to 1:50pm (bring your lunch!)

  • Thursday January 12th: HCC User Studies and Hardware Lab resource tour — Lisa
  • Tuesday February 14th: Getting started with Unity and VR — Stevie and Andrew C. (Ben)
  • Tuesday March 14th: Github Tutorial — Mickey Vellukunnel (Kristy)
  • Tuesday April 11th: The Academic Job Market — Marvin (Juan)

Fall 2016

all meetings are held in CSE 305 from 12:50pm to 1:50pm (bring your lunch!)

  • Tuesday September 13th: Welcome and introductions; planning for meetings — Christina
  • Tuesday October 11th: What is human-centered computing all about? — faculty & student discussion
  • Tuesday November 8th: Marshmallow challenge — Ben & Jaime
  • Tuesday December 13th: End of semester social! (details TBD)

Summer 2016

all meetings are held in CSE 305 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm (bring your lunch!)

  • Wednesday May 25th: CHI 2016 recap — Lisa
  • Monday June 13th: Student presentation by Pallavi Raiturkar — Eakta; Student presentation by Khimya Khetarpal — Eakta
  • Monday July 11th: PhD defense — Diego Rivera-Gutierrez — Ben (***2pm CSE 404)
  • Monday August 8th: End of summer board game lunch!

Spring 2016

all meetings are held in CSE 305 from 12:50pm to 1:50pm

  • Tuesday January 12th: General meeting — Lisa
  • Tuesday February 16th: Student presentation by Yerika Jimenez — Christina
  • Tuesday March 8th: Time management (Eisenhower’s Matrix) — Lisa
  • Tuesday April 12th: Student presentation by Julia Woodward & Alex Shaw — Lisa

Fall 2015

all meetings are held in CSE 305 from 10:40am to 11:40am

  • Tuesday September 8th: Fall kick-off, new faculty introductions — Lisa; IVA conference overview by VERG — Ben
  • Tuesday October 13th: General meeting — Lisa
  • Tuesday November 10th: Student presentation by Ziqi Fan — Kyla
  • Tuesday December 8th: HCC@UF Holiday Social — Christina

1. What is HCC@UF?
A group of UF faculty, students, post-docs, visitors, and affiliates who work on, study, or are otherwise interested in human-centered computing topics.

2. What are the monthly meetings for?
They provide a forum for practice talks, tutorials, administrative discussions, course discussions, advice, socializing, etc.

3. How do I get added to this mailing list or add other people to this mailing list?
Individual CISE faculty or affiliate faculty and their students and post-docs can be added to this mailing list (hcc-group-l@lists.ufl.edu) by emailing Dr. Anthony (lanthony@cise.ufl.edu); please cc: the hosting faculty member. Please note, in order to reply to this list, you must post with a CISE or UFL email address.