Human-Centered Computing @ The University of Florida

The Human-Centered Computing Group at the University of Florida (HCC@UF) is composed of faculty and students exploring: Human-Computer Interaction, Natural User Interfaces, Graphics, Visualization, Sonification, Advanced Learning Technologies, Virtual Reality, User Experience, Affective Computing, and IT Workforce.

Please click on project links to learn more, reach out to a professor, and join this exciting, growing group in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering (CISE) at the University of Florida!

Project Links

Kinect Exercise Games for Kids (Dr. Lisa Anthony, INIT Lab). This project is addressing today’s critical challenge of encouraging kids to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, starting with fun physical activity through exercise games!

Virtual Experiences Research Group (Dr. Benjamin Lok, VERG) Our group works on creating new simulations for training using virtual humans. Our work centers around the question: Can interacting with a virtual human make you a better person?